Agromeli Frutas y Verduras is a young company created in 2005 by Francisca Galan Simón and Manuel Menchón Galan, fourth-generation fruit and vegetable farmers and exporters from the Alicante Vega Baja region.
In its early days, the company shipped local artichokes only to domestic markets. It later added peppers and started shipping throughout Europe. And finally it added pomegranates to its catalogue.
The company has also added more varieties and automated its processes to offer new packaging formats required by new consumer trends while not neglecting traditional packaging. Thanks to its innovations, the company offers products throughout Spain, Europe and international markets year-round.
Over time, Agromeli continues to enjoy steady growth thanks to a team of professionals who boast great experience in the industry and who provide personalised attention to each of our clients. This has established it as a high-profile company in its industry.

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